There are many kinds of data rooms. The kind of transaction you’ll be carrying out will determine the most suitable data room for your company. Some companies specialize in particular kinds of transactions and industries such as M&A due-diligence, real estate, or life sciences. Others specialize in a broad range of transactions and use features that are customizable to meet the specific needs of a client, such as document organization and collaboration tools.

Virtual data rooms, such as mergers and purchases, are utilized in highly sensitive financial transactions. These transactions require both parties to examine information and perform their due diligence. VDRs are available online and provide excellent security to ensure that sensitive information is safe from an unauthorized access. They save companies time and money by not having to transport accounting and finance professionals on an airplane to a different country, and then go into a locked room, and read through pages of physical documents.

When deciding on a vendor make sure you choose one that has an extensive history in M&A and is able to customize its software to meet the particular requirements of transactions. A reputable vendor will offer flexible subscription packages, robust encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication. It should also provide support for document management and organization using an organized folder structure, version control and standard file naming conventions. It should also include advanced search functions for both exact and partial matches in documents, folders, and even images.

It’s also important to consider how easy it will be to collaborate and communicate in an online environment. You should choose an online service that provides customizable notifications for uploads of new documents as well as Q&A threads, deadlines and deadlines. The ability to alter subscription plans as your business needs change is another helpful feature.