A single error making a mistake, like downloading a file, or falling victim to a scam can ruin your day and even your computer. Best antivirus software will ensure your security by taking a look at your device and getting rid of any malicious or malware before they cause harm. The best antivirus products also come with a variety of helpful tools that defend you from anything from ransomware and viruses to Trojan horses.

Bitdefender is our top choice for the most effective antivirus software in 2023. It provides watertight security across all of your devices, thanks to its massive variety of features. Its latest packages also feature various other useful tools such as an advanced web filter, password manager and VPN modules that help ensure your data is secure. Bitdefender’s family security bundle offers additional protection for up to ten computers or tablets and a generous 3-month money-back guarantee.

Webroot is a great alternative to the main players in the industry. It is fast and accurate malware detection, with little impact on system resources. Its lightweight engine is able to scan in just a little over 20 minutes, and its advanced ‘firewall’ monitoring and effective real-time anti-phishing and identity theft protection all impress in our tests. The basic antivirus software isn’t well-rated by the large independent labs, but the upgradeable versions come with more robust Internet Security Plus and an excellent family suite that includes additional tools for online privacy.